Our Top Five Stationery Items ✂️

As fellow stationery aficionados (aka stationery hoarders), we buy a lot of stationery, and we're always on the lookout for all the latest stationery. Here at Paperworks Stationery, we've tried and tested all kinds of stationery products, from the classic stationery tools to the newest innovations.

We curate stationery products and make them available for the shop only when we do genuinely enjoy a product, so without further adieu, here are our top stationery picks:

#5: BGM Clear Stamp File (Php 420)

The BGM File Folder is such a lifesaver for clear stamp collectors! It's light, durable, has a simple and chic design, comes in four colors, and a pocket envelope at the back for blocks. Regular-sized clear stamp sheets fit in with no trouble at all. Want to see it in action? Watch our IGTV highlight video here!

#4: Postcard-Sized Mini Clear File (Php 350)


If you collect postcards and regularly either add to your collection, the Postcard-Sized Mini Clear File is a great way to display your postcards. Personally, we collect postcards whenever we travel, and we enjoy sending postcards to friends too! We also write postcards for our future selves to receive—sort of like a future souvenir for you.

#3: OLFA Perforated Cutter (Php 399)

The OLFA Perforated Cutter is great for people who regularly tear pages off of notebooks, magazines, or books. It's also a useful tool if you want to cut a shape out of paper without damaging it. Use the cutter to save the spines of your favorite notebooks or books—trust us, it's super satisfying to tear.

Did we mention that this cutter has replacement blades available too? This is definitely a good investment for your stationery collection.

 #2: Himekuri Sticky Calendar (Php 1,500) 

Last year, we released these Himekuri Sticky Calendars in two designs (Stationery Shop and Sweets Shop), and it sold out! While this is no longer available, this definitely made our list with how good the design is. It's essentially a sticky note calendar with 365 different designs (per day) and a different theme per week! It's great for journaling, date tracking, or simply for designing. It's exciting to peel off the next date just to see the new designs.

 No worries, if we'll stock this again for next year, you'll find out here!

#1: Kokuyo Saxa Non-Stick Scissors (Php 550)

These Kokuyo Saxa Non-Stick Scissors is our holy grail stationery tool. (This is actually the stationery item that sparked the start of Paperworks Stationery!) Its curved blades are non-stick, rust-resistant, and sturdy—great for people who regularly cut thick items like cardboard, or sticky items like tape. It also comes with wide handles and a safety cap for the blade.

It's definitely a pricier pair of scissors than what you could get from a regular stationery shop, but it's worth the investment. We've been using ours for years already!

That's it for our top stationery items (for now!) Do you have any stationery recommendations of your own? We'd love to hear your thoughts! Share them in the comments below ⤵

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