Fueki-kun Glue (Small)
Fueki-kun Glue (Small)
Fueki-kun Glue (Small)
Fueki-kun Glue (Small)

Fueki-kun Glue (Small)

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These adorable non-toxic glues are made with 100% cornstarch and are sure to add a little bit of happiness to your desk. The paste is ideal for arts and crafts, most especially for kids and kids at heart. With a cute character as the case and an easy to remove red cap, it'll make for a memorable piece to your stationery collection.

Once the glue has been used up, it can be converted into a small container for your accessories or for small items. It can even be used as a coin bank by cutting out the long rectangular portion at the back.

• Glue made from 100% cornstarch; toxic-free!
• Fueki-kun original stationery
• Safe for children
• Comes in a small and cute container
• Made in Japan

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