Kokuyo 2-in-1 Scissors
Kokuyo 2-in-1 Scissors
Kokuyo 2-in-1 Scissors

Kokuyo 2-in-1 Scissors

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These Kokuyo 2-in-1 scissors combine the best features of a trusty pair of scissors and a good-quality cutter. The built-in cutter makes it easy to open boxes, cut tape, and more, while the sturdy pair of scissors is great for cutting paper products and harder material. The blades are sticky-resistant, making them great for cutting tape as well.

Easily switch between scissors or a cutter with the sliding mechanism. The cutter blade protrudes only 1 mm, so you won't cut too deeply into packages and accidentally damage the items inside.

To use the cutter, squeeze the scissor handles together and push the slider forward. Once you've brought out the cutter, you do not need to keep holding the slider. The cutting edge will stay extended as long as you keep squeezing the handles together, and it will retract as soon as you let go. This is an additional safety feature that prevents you from accidentally leaving the blade exposed when not in use.

There is also a small plastic finger rest on the top blade to help you press down more comfortably when using the cutter. And to top it all of, a safety cap covers the blades when not in use.

• Size: W72x D17x H177mm
• 2-in-1 scissors (scissors/cutter)
• Stainless steel blades with a stick-resistant coating
• Comfy handles
• Protective safety cap
• Great for: adhesive tape, thick envelopes, vinyl, flowers, cardboard, carton, credit cards, etc.

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