Kokuyo Saxa Fluorine Scissors
Kokuyo Saxa Fluorine Scissors

Kokuyo Saxa Fluorine Scissors

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The Kokuyo Saxa Fluorine Scissors are high-quality hybrid stainless steel scissors with a non-stick fluorine coating. The fluorine coating allows you to cut tapes and other sticky materials without the blade sticking on them. The coating is rust and dirt resistant—guaranteed to last a long time.

From regular paper to cardboard, these scissors can cut through almost anything with their special curved blade. The 3D structural curved blade allows you to achieve the best cutting results at minimum effort. It's also lightweight, making it easy to handle.

These scissors' wide handles are soft and wide, having plenty of space for multiple fingers, and to top it all off, it comes with a safety cap that covers the blades when not in use.

• Stainless steel blades with fluorine coating
• Curved blades for easy cutting
• Comfy handles
• Protective safety cap
• Great for adhesive tape, thick envelopes, vinyl, flowers, cardboard, carton, credit cards, etc.

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